Global mobility / Relocation Services / Destination services

Our professional Global Mobility and destination service cover:


City / area orientation tour

The purpose of this service is to show the neighborhood area to the expatriate and his/her family. It can be tailored based on the assignee’s expectation and needs, typical service includes:

  • Information about the city or neighborhood area.
  • Information about most popular areas where expats live,
  • Location of the international schools and kindergartens,
  • Location of the new work place,
  • Places of worship,
  • Shops and shopping centers,
  • Hospitals and clinics,
  • Tips on everyday life,
  • Written report after visit.

Before the service takes place, every assignee receives a “Welcome Package” that includes booklet containing information about new place of living, frequently asked questions, city map and most important phone numbers.


Home search

Each home search is prepared based on the individual’s needs of the assignee (typically we offer 10-15 properties). The scope of the service includes:

  • Property selection,
  • Rent negotiation with the property owner/real estate agency,
  • Lease agreement preparation,
  • Help with deposit arrangement,
  • Check in and check out service,
  • Notifications on the lease extension,
  • Written report after the visit.

School and kindergarten search

Our service covers the professional school selection based on the assignee’s needs:

  • Selection of the schools,
  • Setting up appointments with the schools,
  • Support with enrolment to the school,

Written report after the service is completed.


Settling in service (support during the first months of stay in Poland)

Settling in service supports the assignee and his/her spouse just after relocation to the new city.  The service covers:

  • Bank account opening ,
  • City orientation tour and neighborhood area tour,
  • Car registration and driving license conversion,
  • Private insurance,
  • Presentation of hospitals, clinics, doctors, post office, banks, ATMs,
  • Help with shopping – local grocery shops, shopping malls, wet markets,
  • Private car assistance.

Lease renewal

The service covers support with rental lease extension before it expires. It also includes renegotiation of the previous lease conditions.


Property management (tenancy management)

Our service covers support with resolving property issues such as:

  • Emergency situations (support with finding specialist – electrician, plumber etc…),
  • Liaison with the property owner during emergency,
  • Lease termination and property handover supervision,
  • Lease addendum,
  • Written report after the service.

Expense management (payments)

The service includes payments on behalf of the assignee and his family for the following services:

  • Rental fee payment,
  • School tuition payment,
  • Utilities payments,
  • Preparation of report for all payments made on behalf of assignee.

Short term accommodation lease

The service covers support with finding short term accommodation.

  • Selection of the properties,
  • Rental/lease negotiation,
  • Check in and check out service.

Airport pick up and drop of

The service includes the assignee transfer from the airport to hotel or new home.

Our staff waits for the assignee at the arrivals hall with the information sign.

Additionally, we provide the drop off service of the assignee and his family to the airport after the assignment completion.


Departure services

The service  covers support provided just before the assignment is completed.

Our service includes:

  • Re-directing the mail (in Poland),
  • Bank account closing support,
  • De-registration at the local authorities,
  • Lease termination and property handover.

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