Payroll & HR

As part of our outsourcing of HR and payroll services, we offer you the calculation of wages, preparation of tax returns and social security contributions as well managing and keeping the employees’ documentation.

We assure of both the highest data confidentiality and security of information flow.


HR Administration

As HR administration service we offer you:

  • Preparing employment and service contracts,
  • Keeping employees’ personal data and files (personal files) along with systematic updating,
  • Keeping the records of holiday and sick leave,
  • Keeping documents related to the health and safety trainings and medical examination,
  • Keeping of the records of overtime on the basis of the data provided,
  • Issuing certificates of employment and remuneration,
  • Preparation of a set of documents required for newly hired employees (personal questionnaires, referrals for medical examinations),
  • Preparing certificates of employment.

Payroll outsourcing

  • Registration for ZUS new employees / contractors,
  • Payroll and payslips preparation (individual and collective) for employees as well as civil law contractor’s,
  • Keeping the records and documentation for sick leaves and benefits,
  • Compilation of information on the monthly salary of employees in the form of so-called payslips,
  • Calculation of monthly personal income and ZUS/NFZ contributions,
  • Preparation of monthly ZUS DRA and electronical transfer to the appropriate ZUS office,
  • Preparation of employee’s monthly ZUS report RMUA – information about the deduction of social security and health insurance contributions,
  • Preparation of reports and declarations required by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), and the declaration of PFRON,
  • Making registration and update returns related to social security and health insurance (ZUA, ZIUA, ZZA, ZCZA, ZWUA,) and submitting them to the appropriate social insurance office within the statutory deadlines,
  • Providing information on the amount of liabilities to ZUS and tax office.
  • Forwarding and signing the personal income tax and social security statements on the basis of separate power of attorney,
  • Settlement of civil law contracts not subject to social insurance,
  • Preparation of annual information and tax returns for employees and contractors (PIT-11, PIT-40, PIT-4R, IFT-1 and preparation of information on income from other sources PIT-8C),

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