Off-shore payroll

Wondering how to calculate and pay Polish tax liabilities for Your posted employees? is a correct address

  • We will explain You how Polish “off-shore payroll” works.
  • We will support You in all necessary formalities.
  • We will calculate monthly Polish tax advances (and social security contributions – if applicable) for Your Employees working in Poland under international contracts.
  • We will take care of transferring Your funds to cover liabilities towards the tax office, social security institution and to employee timely and in line with the legal rules.

At the beginning we need to collect necessary personal and payroll data of Assignee and establish communication channels.


During this process we are able to identify Employee’s tax and social security obligations in Poland.

Depending on these obligations we undertake necessary steps to register Employee and/or Employer in the Polish social security system.

The employment income should be taxed in Poland on monthly basis. Tax advances are due by the 20th day of the month following the month in which the income was received.  Social security contributions are due by the 15th day of the following month.


Thus, in the payroll process we will be in charge or preparing:

  • Pay-slips and employee earnings records.
  • Payroll calculation of monthly tax advances due on remuneration paid to the individuals under non-Polish employment contracts, followed by monthly request for transfer of funds necessary to cover Employees’ net remuneration and tax advances.
  • Calculation of monthly social security and healthcare contributions(if applicable) followed by request for transfer of funds necessary to cover contributions and to transfer them to social security office.

In addition, ExpaTax can act as a “paying agent” and transfer the funds previously received from the Employer. As Your paying agent, we can:

  • Transfer net remuneration to Employees’ bank accounts on monthly basis.
  • Transfer social security and health insurance contributions to the social security office.
  • Transfer tax advances to tax office followed by monthly reconciliation of the funds received and paid out.

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