Finance and Accounting Services

Operation of accounts by an external professional company is one of the most effective ways to reduce operating costs and thus increase the efficiency of the company.

Outsourcing of accounting service and Payroll & HR allows the company to concentrate on the key areas and development of its’ business.

That is why we offer you our outsourcing accounting services and we believe that this will significantly lower your operational costs.

As experts, we guarantee the highest level of professional services in the field of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping, in particular:


Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • The development of accounting policies and the corporate chart of accounts,
  • Verification of documents in formal and accounting terms,
  • Running the company books’ in accordance with the Polish accounting law,
  • Preparation of depreciation and fixed assets account and maintenance,
  • Calculation of monthly corporate (CIT) or personal income (PIT) tax advances,
  • Calculation of social security contributions (ZUS) and preparation of the necessary ZUS’ declarations for companies not having the legal presence,
  • Running the monthly VAT registers, completing and submitting the VAT declarations and reports,
  • Preparation of applications for VAT reimbursement,
  • Preparation of GUS reports,
  • Signing of tax declarations on the basis on a power of attorney granted,
  • Preparation of annual financial and tax statements/returns,
  • Preparation of the management reports according to Client’s needs,
  • Preparation of financial statements and reports,
  • Financial analysis,
  • Tax advisory in CIT, VAT and PIT.

Electronic banking service

  • Introduction of bank transfers to the Client’s banking system on the basis of the documents or information provided,
  • Monitoring of terms of payments,
  • Cooperation with banks in respect of the corporate and financial documentation.

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