Annual Tax Return

Are You responsible for the income tax of Your Employees posted to Poland? You don’t know how to protect Your Expats against double taxation? is a relevant address

  • We will arrange entry tax meeting with Your Employees to check their tax status.
  • We will review Your Expat’s tax residency status.
  • We will provide a web tool (MyExpaTax) for gathering Annual Tax Return data.
  • We will prepare all necessary documents including registration of Employees for tax purposes (NIP/PESEL), Annual Tax Return forms (PIT-36, PIT-37 etc…).
  • We will take a role of the proxy of Employer / Employee before Polish tax authorities.

Annual tax return – easy process with ExpaTax assistance:


1st step

At the beginning of assignment we arrange entry-meeting or send the “welcome-letter” to the Employee to inform Him /Her about tax rules, deadlines and tax related obligations, with purpose of establishing communication channels and to review Employee’s tax situation (also worldwide for Polish tax residents).

We grant to Your Employee access to our MyExpaTax web platform – the tool which makes gathering the data necessary for Annual Tax Return preparation easy and time affective.


2nd step

As the end of Polish tax year is 31st December and the annual tax returns for the given year is 30th April of the next year, as from beginning of February we start gathering and checking the  data provided in order to have enough time for collecting any missing documents if necessary.


3rd step

On basis of these data we prepare ATR calculations – taking into account possibility of applying existing tax deductions – and we prepare obligatory tax forms (PIT-36, PIT-37 with all necessary attachments).


4th step

Then, we pass to Assignees their ATR together with the tax payment instruction or with information of the tax refund amount in order to verify data included in ATR.


5th step

And finally we submit Assignees’ ATR to the relevant Tax Offices.

In case of any further questions and explanation requests from Polish tax authorities we are also ready to prepare all needed documents and explanations either as Your supporting Tax Advisor or taking the role of Assignee’s proxy before the authorities.

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